GlyMed+ Oxygen Deep Pore Cleanser

Breathe life back into dull tired cells with this deep oxygenating cleanser. This cleanser works like a deep cleaning masque, triggering a deep desincrustation process to thoroughly cleanse and purify congested pores, stimulate healthy cell turnover, and reveal smoother, more radiant skin.

GlyMed+ Oxygen Power Booster

Oxygen Power Booster Additive provides more oxygen supply for cutaneous cells necessary for cell energy, protein cytoglobin to transport oxygen to fibroblasts and homeostasis. Oxygen Power Booster Additive will customize all your Oxygen or Professional Treatments and can be added to most GlyMed Plus cleansers, masques, peels & exfoliants to instantly dencrustate pores & kill acne causing bacteria. Also customize treatment and moisture cream formulas by adding oxygen powder to power up oxygen in these products.

GlyMed+ Super Protein Face Lift Masque

Give rapid skin results with a tight, firming lift for tired, wrinkled, sagging, and photo-aged skin with revitalizing Protein, Hyaluronic acid & quick acting Vitamin C complex. Pair with CBD Booster for a super oxygenated regenerative treatment.

GlyMed+ Professional CBD Booster

CBD Booster is a versatile, vitamin-rich serum that is brilliant in the treatment room and ideal for home care recommendations. Lightweight, fast-absorbing, and excellent for pairing with multiple GlyMed products as a booster.

Bikini Area Extractions - 10 minutes
Facial Extractions - 10 minutes
Facial LED Therapy - 30 minutes
Facial Lymph Drainage - 10 minutes
Sinus Drainage Massage - 10 minutes
Lip Science Lip Service - 5 minutes
High Frequency - 10 minutes
Neck & Shoulder Massage - 12 minutes
Single Pass of Dermaplane - 20 minutes
Spot Treatment - 5 minutes
Single Pass of Microdermabrasion